Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Game In Progress

CannonsLMade My Day, A History

The Vision was to create a game that is just fun to play and had graphics that the new generation of gamers demand. The difficulty of the game is dependent upon the skills of the players and if your having a hard time surviving alone, you can join a cooperative group until your skills are good enough to school the competition. We took this basic idea and came up with Cannons: Made My Day!

After we decided that we wanted to do a tower defense game, we decided we wanted awesome graphics, good music and to be able to blow each other up online. There are 4 people in International Couch Entertainment so we doubled that number and now you can play 8 players at a time, online and you can even run your mouth off over both voice and text chats.

After we decided to make an online multiplayer tower defense game, we decided to make 10 cannons, 10 gunners and to make the weapons upgradeable

Once we decided there would be 10 Cannons and some hidden cannons as well, we wanted more unlock-able content. This is when we decided to implement an achievements system, we like trophies too.
Once we had the basic idea out of the way we sat down and came up with a game that is fun to play, has a clear set of goals and great replay value. Because the game is multiplayer and online it only ends when the players have to sleep, but who needs that?
So you want to battle the people in real life? No problem, we realize not everyone has their own computer or game console so we made it so you can battle in local games too!

About The Level maps:
We wanted gamers to be able to play this for years without memorizing the level maps and becoming bored with the same old game over and over. Thats when we decided to make game generated maps and user creatable maps. These options work hand in hand to create an experience that is truly unique, every time you play! Not to mention we will be supporting this game for years to come and we will release some cool new levels too!

What's So Special About Cannons:MMD!

This game is built with the most important person in mind, the person playing it, the gamer! We wanted everyone to be able to have a great time playing it and get their friends playing too. We always liked the multiplayer aspect to this game and think it is a great addition to any party. This is really a social game and it is only made better when great friends get together to blow each other up.
The Achievement system is not just another “Snatch and grab” trophy system, some of the achievements are hard to earn and very few of them will be earned by accident. Some of the trophies include: Holy Gunner, Sniper, Boss Gunner, Smoker and bunnywhip. There are 120 achievements available in Cannons:MMD! So we hope people will have fun trying to get them all.
We know that tower defense style games have been around since the mid 1970's and some people may not understand why we need another one. Well this is not just another tower defense game. We have added so much to the genre that it can barley be considered a classic tower defense game. Those who like this type of game will understand what we have done and those who have never played the old classics will be introduced to a new era in tower defense!

Be Part of Our History Forever! Currently we are running a campaign to raise funds to finish purchasing the game art and music. Your not just giving money away when you donate to our project, you get Cannons:MMD! and some cool swag too. If you can even donate a single dollar that will help bring us closer to being able to release this game and make gamers everywhere remember what a game is supposed to be about. Please visit our kickstarter project page and earn a spot in our family forever.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

USB FW: 3.15 boots....sort of

Thanks to everyone who hooked me up, here is whats going on.
1)I can boot the 3.15 FW using JaiCrabs tool
2) there are display problems
3) System freezes when selecting System Settings

Im getting the HDD dump soon, this may prove useful. My first idea was to replace all the %flash crap in the XML files with /dev_flash, so that the USB FW wont look at the nand when getting settings and files. So I will try this tomorrow and post the results. If someone gets to it first let me know the result.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking for a 3.15 or 3.01 PS3 Firmware dump

Anyone that wants OtherOS back or perhaps PSN access and has a 3.15 or 3.01 PS3 get the PSGroove payloads for your FW version and run the exploit. Then use Comgenie's Awesome File manager and copy the /dev_flash, /dev_flash2 and /dev_flash3 for me then upload it somewhere like Megaupload and send me a link. Any progress will be noted with your name for providing the image. Hope to get OOS back with a little help!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

All Projects On HOLD!

I am placing all my PS3 projects on hold except one. mwahhhh

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project started

This is the main screen from my new project.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

USB Drive for PS3 user account security

A new XML hack allows users to store their account information on a USB pen drive. This is for users that use the JaiCrab USB Firmware loader, obviously. In catagory_user_login.xml
you could replace the src="user://localhost/users/" with src="user://localhost/dev_usb000/users/" and copy your users from the PS3 to the pen drive. delete users from PS3 and change the XML. YOUR SAVES WILL BE DELETED ! so back them up. I just thought this was a good way to secure your user account from others.